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If you are not a bridge builder, you would not want a DIY kit for bridge building for your solution. There are times when do you itself (DIY) is just not desirable.
My name is Chris from Design In Mind, and we build you a complete solution that encompasses all of your online needs (website, SEO, CRM, ecommerce, analytics, and more). You can complete a variety of important tasks with the system from tracking advertising to managing promotional codes. You can control and update your content from anywhere at anytime. Most importantly, the system is affordable, easy to update, and responsively designed to work across mobile phones and browsers.
Plus Design in MIND provides full concierge service. We build your site, assist on changes and provide free technology updates for new devices, browsers and SEO. We provide "one call does it all" top-ranked AUS based customer support. This way all you have to do is run your real business.